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Granny flat upcycle

Instead of pushing them over and starting again, this Melbourne couple opted to retain and extensively refurbish their solid brick house and granny flat, integrating them to form a functional, generous family home.

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Future focused

Made of strawbale, recycled tyres and earth, this owner-builder project has paved the way to a whole new career.

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Recent Articles

Tiny homes, big community

The movement to build tiny houses on wheels continues to gather momentum in Australia, and we’re excited that so many are throwing open their doors this year for Sustainable House Day!

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Hike in quality

Tasmania’s investment in architect-designed, environmentally sensitive walkers’ huts – that stay naturally warm and dry year-round – is paying dividends for wilderness tourism and hiker comfort.

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Hemp, hemp masonry and hempcrete: inside the budding regenerative materials industry

Hemp masonry is gaining recognition as a high-performance, low-impact and contemporary building product. Building designer and hemp proponent Dick Clarke explains how it’s best used in housing and its role in regenerating local agriculture.

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Case study: Energy renovation

Retrofitting a 0.8 Star brick veneer unit to achieve an 8.4 Star rating proved to be a savvy investment in energy efficiency and better health.

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